UHACK 2016 “Find the Developer in U” 2/20 & 21/2016



The University of Miami IEEE is proud to bring you UHack, a 24-hour hackathon. UHack will take place during Engineering Week (2/15-21/16), from Saturday to Sunday, 2/20 & 21. Taking place in the ballrooms of the Student Activity Center at the University of Miami, UHack is open to any student in the area who would like to take a break from their ordinary classes to make something fun and compete for some greatprizes from our amazing sponsors. All for FREE.


This year, we are going to”FIND THE DEVELOPER IN U” and focus on building projects that can improve one’s lifestyle. This is completely open ended—you can use any platform, framework, language, or hardware device you desire, and configure it however you want for the benefit of making something better. You can start from scratch, or hack something previously created in order to change/improve its functionality or purpose. If you want to make a real-life life hack, this is the place to be!

More at:  http://coe.miami.edu/uhack2016/
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/uhack-2016-tickets-19432984580

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