Matt Denesuk



Phone: 305.539.6727
Title: Senior Vice President, Data Analytics & AI | Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

About Matthew

Technologist, scientist and sometimes-business guy with great desire to apply data, business theory, physics, and math to make the world work better. Love to develop and deploy new technology, and to grow organizational capability that can do it at scale.


  • Generating Estimates of Failure Risk for a Vehicular Component in Situations of High-Dimensional and Low Sample Size Data
  • Generating Cumulative Wear-Based Indicators for Vehicular Components
  • Amusement articles possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
  • Bedding articles possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
  • Busbars for electrically powered cells
  • Data store for knowledge-based data mining system
  • Degradable animal chewing article possessing enhanced safety, durability and mouth-feel
  • Degradable plastics possessing a microbe-inhibiting quality
  • Generating cumulative wear-based indicators for vehicular components
  • Integrating economic considerations to develop a component replacement policy based on a cumulative wear-based indicator for a vehicular component
  • Knowledge-based data mining system
  • Mastication article possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
  • Monitoring and planning for failures of vehicular components
  • Service engagement management using a standard framework

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