Kalan Dawson

Kalan Dawson, University of Miami Center for Computational Science

Office: Room 600.26, Gables One Tower
Phone: 305.243.1640

Kalan Dawson joined the University of Miami’s Center for Computational Science in April 2014 as a systems administrator. Kalan has previously worked in both UM IT and Student Academic Services and is proud to once again join her alma mater.

She has experience in business analytics, software development, data visualization, and database design.  Kalan supports data center systems, end-users, and the consumption of baked goods.  She obtained her BS in Computer Science (along with subsequent degrees in Psychology and Liberal Arts) from the University of Miami in 2011. Her interests include the impact of pattern matching optimization on unstructured data analytics and the use of computer modeling and visualization tools in sytaesthesia research.

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