Alessandra C. L. Cervino, DPhil



Phone: +33 (0)6 29 22 62 87

Alessandra Cervino is a scientific director with 20 years of experience in the discovery and development of genetic and genomic biomarkers, with particular strength in “In Silico” discovery strategies. Recently, she was the Head of Metagenomic Discovery at Enterome Bioscience in France.

Before joining Enterome, Alessandra was VP R&D and Biostatistics at TCLand expression, a personalized medicine company developing companion diagnostics and biomarkers for immune disorders and transplantation. She was previously Head of Statistical Sciences and Assistant Professor at Scripps Florida, where she conducted the first genome-wide study of lupus and developed an innovative workflow that combines genotypic and transcriptomic data to identify novel genes. She was the first group leader in statistical genetics at Rosetta Inpharmatics/Merck in the USA, where she played a pioneering role in translating genetic research programs into new drug targets and pharmacogenomic programs.

Prof. Cervino holds a PhD in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oxford, UK, an MSc in Biometry from the University of Reading, UK and a Mathematics degree from the Free University in Brussels, Belgium. She is the inventor of four patents. She also holds an honorary senior lectureship from Kings College London.

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