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Snapshots of Data Science in Action

Across the University of Miami’s three campuses, faculty and students are immersed in research aimed at providing shape and solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Helping to solve some of the riddles is the use of data science, or big batches of information that are filtered through high performance computers that aid researchers in their efforts to decipher complex formulas and create predictive applications. Here’s a...

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Biomedical Data Science course

Biomedical Data Science A new 500/600 level course, cross listed between the Departments of Biology and Computer Science Science Level: BIL575 and BIL675 / CSC598 Format: Tue/Thurs 9:30-10:45 AM  |  Cox 213 Instructors: Sawsan Khuri (coordinator) and Stefan Wuchty (with B. Kirkpatrick)   Course Description The goal of this course is to teach students how to turn data into information. Students will learn the necessary...

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By Sawsan Khuri and Stefan Wuchty. BMC Bioinformatics 2015 Apr 1;16(1):109. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 25880655   Abstract Background Minimum dominating sets (MDSet) of protein interaction networks allow the control of underlying protein interaction networks through their topological placement. While essential proteins are enriched in MDSets, we hypothesize that the statistical properties of biological functions of essential...

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2013-2014 CCS Fellows Selected

2013-2014 CCS Fellows:   Congratulations to our 2013-2014 CCS Fellows for successful completion of the program.     Wei Wu.  Graduate CCS Fellow, worked with Dr. Athula Wikramanayake, Department of Biology, and Dr. Enrico Capobianco, CCS’ Senior Lead Bioinformatics Scientist. Project:  Protein networks within the Wnt signaling pathway.   Zhi Liu.  Graduate CCS Fellow, worked with Dr. Gary Beecham, Dr. John T. Foundation...

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