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2-day R Workshop-Software Carpentry-CANCELLED

After careful consideration, the 2-day Software Carpentry-R Workshop previously scheduled for April 1-2, 2020, at the Richter Library is CANCELLED due to statewide precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and the State of Florida’s public health emergency declaration. The Institute for Data Science and Computing is committed to the health and welfare of our attendees, sponsors, and speakers, and the community as a whole, and have...

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2-Day Software Carpentry Workshop in R 1/25-26/18 Medical campus

This course is currently full . . . 2-Day Software Carpentry Workshop in R at MEDICAL CAMPUS Topics covered in this workshop: The Unix shell Version control with git Programming with R Since the goal of this workshop is to bring you up to speed with data analysis, it would be incomplete without instruction on a shell as well as a version control system. The shell is important in building reproducible data analysis pipelines where your...

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Should I learn Python or R or both?

To a biologist or biomedical scientist starting out in Data Science, it may seem as if these two languages are interchangeable, and for some functionalities they are.  However, there are clear distinctions between them too, and the answer is “it depends on what you’re trying to do”.   Python is based on C, it is a software development language which is deep and huge and intuitive.  It is easier to learn than many other languages,...

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Data Carpentry Genomics with R Workshop 2/22 & 23/2016

This two-day workshop, jointly hosted by the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and the Center for Computational Science (CCS), will help scientists who are currently using tools like spreadsheets to start writing small programs to analyze their data in traceable, reproducible ways. The format is a mix of short seminars and hands-on practical exercises, participants are encouraged to help one another, and to try...

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2-Day Software Carpentry (R) Workshop  3/14-15/2016

The Workshop is now at capacity and registration has been closed. Brought to you by the Center for Computational Science, the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and the Graduate School, this 2-day workshop will provide you with the basic computing skills and best practices needed to be productive in a small research team. The format is a mixture of short seminars and hands-on practical exercises, and participants are...

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