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CCS Fellows Symposium features Molecular Animations

The second annual CCS Fellows Symposium took place on Friday, April 17, 2015, and opened with a presentation by Janet Iwasa, PhD, from University of Utah's Dept. of Biochemistry. Dr. Iwasa emphasized that 2- or 3-dimensional drawings cannot compare to animating the process of cell behavior as a vehicle to further understanding. Ms. Iwasa showed various animations she had created "to illustrate a lot of things that are not...

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2014-15 CCS Fellows Announced

CCS Fellows Program. Join in, Make a Difference, Stand Out   CCS Fellows Program has launched its second cohort with four outstanding students from all over the University of Miami. Selected participants for the 2014-15 session are: Katherine Dale, Foote Fellow, Marine Science, Biology, Computer Science. Project: Big Data Analysis in Marine Genomics. Mentors:  Doug Crawford, RSMAS, and Geoff Sutcliffe, Department of Computer...

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2014-15 CCS Fellows Program

Join in, Make a Difference, Stand out The CCS is pleased to announce the launch of the CCS Fellows Program for this academic year. The mission of the CCS Fellows Program is to inspire a new generation of leaders in computational science by offering students the opportunity to work in a broad cross-disciplinary research setting.  This is  awarded to two undergraduate students and two graduate students per year.  Last year’s program was...

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2013-2014 CCS Fellows Selected

2013-2014 CCS Fellows:   Congratulations to our 2013-2014 CCS Fellows for successful completion of the program.     Wei Wu.  Graduate CCS Fellow, worked with Dr. Athula Wikramanayake, Department of Biology, and Dr. Enrico Capobianco, CCS’ Senior Lead Bioinformatics Scientist. Project:  Protein networks within the Wnt signaling pathway.   Zhi Liu.  Graduate CCS Fellow, worked with Dr. Gary Beecham, Dr. John T. Foundation...

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