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Researchers Go High-Tech to Explore the Social World of Children

Remember your earliest friends from preschool? Researchers from the University of Miami want to know how those friendships formed, and they plan to do just that through a $200,000+ grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF Award Abstract #1052736), and a nifty device that will track the movements of children at two UM centers in real time for four years. “We know that early social experiences in the classroom impact later...

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Pizza Seminar Series “Emotions, Interaction, & Autism: Leveraging Big Behavioral Data” 8/31/2016

This is another in the Department of Computer Science Pizza Seminar Series. "Emotions, Interaction, and Autism: Leveraging Big Behavioral Data" Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 5:00 p.m., UB230 by Dr. Daniel Messinger, Department of Psychology, University of Miami. Infants develop in the context of social interaction with parents and others. Study of these social interactions typically involves behavioral observation using expert coding...

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