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Lecture: Dr. Yelena Yesha “Data Science for Medical Imaging” 2/5/2020

Announcing a Department of Computer Science Pizza Seminar Series lecture: "Data Science for Medical Imaging" by Yelena Yesha, Ph.D. -Visiting Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Miami -Distinguished University Professor, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County -Director, NSF Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics Wednesday, February 5th,...

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Project Summary Cancer is a multifactorial disease with a striking heterogeneity due to genetic, epigenetic and transcriptional changes involving a myriad of genes and proteins. While these factors are relevant to clinical prognosis and medical treatment of patients, a system's approach is needed to unravel the complexities underlying intertwining carcinogenesis mechanisms. Given accurate experimental measurements, the presence at...

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