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First “Lunch-bytes” Seminar at RSMAS, Wednesday 10/14/2015

We are happy to announce the first seminar as part of the Lunch-bytes Seminar Series this semester at RSMAS. Lunch-bytes were a series of informal seminars that existed from 2010 to 2012, with a focus on various computing topics. Lunch-bytes aims to provide an informal forum for RSMAS students, researchers, and faculty to discuss and exchange knowledge on various computational tools, techniques, and programming languages. In this...

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DDN’s Worldwide Academic Research Partnership (WARP) Annual Awards

DDN's Worldwide Academic Research Partnership (WARP™) is a global program focused on scientific advancement and insight through the exploration of novel approaches to Big Data.  The program provides a framework for collaboration and the sharing of ideas between DDN (Data Direct Networks), its customers, and the development community. In conjunction with the WARP program, The WARP Foundation will be providing incentives to energize the...

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Big Data Analytics (Hadoop) Resource available at CCS

A new, near real-time analytics cluster is now available to all University of Miami researchers on a reservation basis.  This cluster is designed to run big data analytics application like map reduce. More specifically,  the Hadoop resource is composed of: 128 compute cores Infiniband interconnect total storage of 11 TB with 3 data block replicas 128 Map Slots 64 Reduce Slots Please send an email to to make a...

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FREE! Supercomputing in Plain English (SiPE), Spring 2013

Registration is now open! Send e-mail to Supercomputing in Plain English (SiPE), Spring 2013 Available live in person and live via videoconferencing Tuesdays starting January 22, 2013  |  3:00 PM Eastern Time Live in person: National Weather Center 1313 Live via FREE videoconferencing:  Details to be announced. So far, the SiPE workshops have reached roughly 1000 people at 166...

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