NSF Data Management Plan


Free Help with Your Data Management Plan

To ensure that all NSF proposals emerging from the University of Miami meet the data management plan requirements, researchers are encouraged to consult with staff in the University of Miami’s Center for Computational Science (CCS).

To create your Data Management Plan, download the NSF Data Management Plan Template and follow the instructions provided on page one. Upon completion of this exercise, you will have achieved a Data Management Plan.

The HPC team at the CCS will review your Data Management Plan, make any suggestions or recommendations, and/or help answer questions on items which you may be uncertain. To have your Data Management Plan reviewed by the HPC team at CCS, you may forward your document to hpc@ccs.miami.edu.  Also, please  include contact information, program announcement, and proposal deadline.


*Data Sharing Policy: Investigators are expected to share with other researchers, at no more than incremental cost and within a reasonable time, the primary data, samples, physical collections and other supporting materials created or gathered in the course of work under NSF grants. Grantees are expected to encourage and facilitate such sharing. See Award & Administration Guide (AAG) Chapter VI.D.4

Note:  The questions are adapted from the Digital Curation Centre’s Checklist for a Data Management Plan (v2.2).

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