Office Hours-CANCELLED

After careful consideration, the Institute for Data Science & Computing Solutions Center Office Hours sessions previously scheduled on all 3 campuses have been CANCELLED until further notice due to statewide precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and the State of Florida’s public health emergency declaration.

The Institute for Data Science and Computing is committed to the health and welfare of the University students, Staff, and Faculty, and the community as a whole, and have decided to err on the side of safety.

If you need computational help, the answer may be found in the documentation or frequently asked questions, or contact us via email at

When composing your email, please provide a detailed description of the problem, paths to your job file and any outputs, the software modules you have loaded, and your job ID when appropriate.


  • computer and operating system you are using
  • your account ID
  • complete path to your job script file, program, or job submission
  • complete path to output files (if any)
  • error message(s) received
  • module(s) loaded ($ module list)
  • whether this job ran previously and what has changed since it last worked
  • steps you may have already taken to address your issues

For questions or concerns, please call 305-243-4962.

The Advanced Computing core has a mission to provide the University of Miami’s academic community with comprehensive advanced computing resources ranging from hardware infrastructure to expertise in designing and implementing high-performance solutions.

Office Hours

The Advanced Computing Team offers office assistance with usage issues on the new TRITON supercomputer and/or the Pegasus cluster.  During the office hours below, the team can provide assistance with queuing inquiries,  software installation, and technical troubleshooting. The team is ready to answer questions regarding grant proposals, and can provide resource information about the Advanced Computing environment.

Coral Gables Campus:  Thursdays 2-4:30 PM  |  Ungar 330E  |  Kalan Dawson, Systems Administrator [NOTE: No Gables Office Hours on 2/27/2020; Extra day added Tuesday 2/18.]

RSMAS Campus:  Wednesdays  9-11  AM  |  MSC 223  |  Warner Baringer, Senior Analyst/Systems Engineer

Medical Campus: Wednesdays  10 AM-2 PM  |  Soffer CRC 7th Floor  |  Pedro Davila, Systems Administrator [NOTE: No Medical Office Hours on 2/26/2020.]


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