First “Lunch-bytes” Seminar at RSMAS, Wednesday 10/14/2015

We are happy to announce the first seminar as part of the Lunch-bytes Seminar Series this semester at RSMAS. Lunch-bytes were a series of informal seminars that existed from 2010 to 2012, with a focus on various computing topics. Lunch-bytes aims to provide an informal forum for RSMAS students, researchers, and faculty to discuss and exchange knowledge on various computational tools, techniques, and programming languages.

In this semester, we anticipate having RSMAS students and researchers sharing bits of knowledge on topics such as Linux shell, Python, R, git, neural networks and more. As RSMAS still does not offer a general scientific computing class, Lunch-bytes will be extremely valuable for students and early career scientists in overcoming technical and computing difficulties and jump-starting their research.

Natalie Perlin (RSMAS/CCS) has kindly offered to give the first seminar on Wednesday, October 14:


Introduction to UM Center for Computational Science (CCS) and Pegasus Supercomputer

  • RSMAS Marine Science CenterUniversity of Miami: Center of Computational Science and the Advanced Computing Group
  • Computing Facilities, Pegasus supercomputer Cluster
  • Obtaining the CCS and Pegasus Account, Joining a Project
  • Accessing the Pegasus Cluster
  • Data and File Rransfer
  • Software and Modules
  • Job Scheduling
  • HPC Documentation and Help

Wednesday, October 14, 12:00 pm (bring your lunch!)

MSC (Marine Science Center) 329, RSMAS

Is there any computing tool or technique you would like to learn? Let us know and we will find a local expert on the topic.


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