The High Performance Computing Core

The High Performance Computing (HPC) core is a newly established university wide services core with a mission to provide the University of Miami’s academic community with comprehensive HPC resources ranging from hardware infrastructure to expertise in designing and implementing HPC solutions.


Systems Administration and Consulting – Initial set up of systems other than HPC compute nodes. Covers standard OS load, registering system in DNS, loading common software packages. Database Cloud Space Administration – Initial set up of database cloud service Advanced HPC Systems Administration – Initial set up of systems other than HPC compute nodes.Covers advanced or specialized OS load, registering system in DNS, loading software packages Storage Implementation – Initial set up of nonstandard, customized CCS archive storage. HPC Node Services – Initial set up of compute time on existing CCS systems. Archive Storage Systems Maintenance – Yearly (ongoing) administration fee for maintenance of long term storage one existing CCS systems or systems purchased by user. Systems Maintenance – Continuous, annual support per server/node for services 1, 2 and 3, excludes storage. HPC Node Compute Time – Compute time on Pegasus. Archive Storage / Storage Cloud – SMB file storage for research data, providing storage access for Windows, OSX and Linux clients. Systems Hosting – Facilities, power, and back up of systems purchased by end user. Database Cloud – Offers either a MySQL or PostgreSQL HPC provided Database service.  Participants are given a database in either RDBMS which they will control.  Database administration and backup administration are a separate cost.

Trouble Shooting

To report a problem, please send an email to the HPC support team at You will receive an email with a Request Tracker number (RT #).  Please reference your RT # for inquires on the status of your request. Your email message subject line should be descriptive of the problem.  In the body of the email, please include the following information:

  • Name of the machine
  • Describe the nature of the error
  • Describe the intended/desired outcome

Contact us

For additional information on any of the services available through the this core or to obtain a quote for services, please email the HPC Support team at