Pegasus User Environment

Users with active accounts may access Pegasus by opening an SSH connection to By default, almost all Linux and Mac machines will have an SSH client. Windows users will require a terminal emulator like Putty. For all data transfers, please use Secure copy (SCP) and secure FTP (SFTP) are the preferred means to transfer data between CCS and local machines. For users who prefer a graphical client we recommend FileZilla. The operating system on Pegasus is CentOS 6.5. Bash is the default shell. Contact user support or log into CCS account to change your default shell. All active users are allocated a logical storage area, HOME directory, which is limited to 250G. Home directories are intended primarily for basic account information, source codes, and binaries. There is another directory, named /scratch, which should be used for compiles and run-time input and output files. Both HOME and scratch are available on all nodes of the cluster. Data in the /scratch directory are NOT backed up and untouched data older than 3 weeks are subject to purging.