Install and configure DDT/MAP remote client for Mac OS/X


It is easy to install a client version of AllineaTools (DDT + MAP) on your Mac OS/X that allows you to launch a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on your local machine and connect to the remote cluster to debug or profile a code. You don’t need a licence to install an Allinea remote client, but the network license is verified when you connect to the cluster. Follow the steps below to install and configure the remote GUI client:


1. Download the OS/X build as a *.dmg package

It could be done in one of the following ways:

  •  copy the following file from location to your local machine:

    (Mountain Lion+ 64 bit)

2. Open the *.dmg package and the Allinea Tools Client App

It contains the Allinea Tools Client App, the RELEASE-NOTES, and a usergude.pdf.
Pull the AllineaTools Client application to the Applications folder:



Open the AllineaTools Client App, and accept the agreement:






3. Connect to the cluster

Choose the tool you need to launch, DDT or MAP,  from the menu “Available Tools”, then configure the “Remote Launch”:



Replace the<USER> in configuration below by your login name, provide a host name, and the “Remote Installation Directory”, and “Remote Script” similarly to the following:




You could now test the remote launch to validate your credentials:


and your access is confirmed as follows:



Choose “OK” to start your debugging (DDT) or profiling (MAP) session!

Follow the links for further directions:

DDT for a serial job: customize and run

DDT for a multiprocessor MPI job: customize and run

User’s Guide  (DDT + MAP) AllineaTools Version.4.2.1-37994
User’s Guide could also be found in the AllineaTools installation directory on Pegasus2 in the following location:


Remote DDT/MAP client for Mac OS/X: install and configure

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MAP – MPI Profiling

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