Install DDT/MAP remote GUI client for Linux/Unix

It is easy to install a native client version of AllineaTools (DDT + MAP) on your Linux/Unix computer that allows you to launch a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on your local machine and connect to the remote cluster to debug or profile a program. You don’t need a licence to install an Allinea remote client; the network license is verified when you connect to the cluster. Follow the steps below to install and configure the remote GUI client:


1. Download the Linux/Unix build as a *.tar archive

It could be done in one of the following ways:

  •  For 64-bit systems running RedHat 6 or Centos OS 6.X, copy the following file from location to your local machine:

2. Unpack the archive and install and the Allinea Tools Client

  • Unpack the archive:
    % tar xvf /share/src/allinea/allinea-tools-client-4.2.1-37994-Redhat-6.0-x86_64.tar
    % cd allinea-tools-4.2.1-37994-Redhat-6.0-x86_64/ 
  • Run the installer, either command-line or graphical.
    • To run command-line installer, type:
      % ./ 

      Follow the prompts. Read the User License Agreement, select a to accept the License. Then choose a directory to install, and wait for the installation to finish.

    • To run graphical installation, type:
      % ./installer

      Graphical installation window will pop up:

      DDT/MAP GUI client install for Linux - 1

      Accept the User’s Agreement:

      DDT/MAP GUI Linux/Unix Installer - 2

      Choose to install just for you (a single user):

      DDT/MAP GUI Client Linux/Unix Installer - 3

      Choose the installation directory:

      DDT/MAP GUI Client Linux/Unix Installer - 4

      When ready to install, proceed with “Install“:

      DDT/MAP GUI Client Linux/Unix  Installer - 5

      Choose “Finish“:

      DDT/MAP GUI Client Linux/Unix Installer - 6

    The executable binary files to launch DDT or MAP will be under your chosen installation directory, ./bin/map or ./bin/ddt, correspondingly.

3. Launch and establish remote connection

Choose the tool you need to launch, DDT or MAP:

% <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/ddt


% <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/map

The welcome screen will pop up.LinuxRemote1
Choose the “Remote Launch“, and proceed to configure it.

Replace the<USER> in the configuration below by your login name, provide a host name and the “Remote Installation Directory” similarly to the following:



You could now test the remote launch to validate your credentials:


and your access is confirmed as follows:



Choose “OK” to start your debugging (DDT) or profiling (MAP) session!

Follow the links for further directions:

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DDT for a multiprocessor MPI job: customize and run

MAP: configure and run

User’s Guide  (DDT + MAP) AllineaTools Version.4.2.1-37994
User’s Guide could also be found in the AllineaTools installation directory on Pegasus2 in the following location:


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