DDT for a multi-processor MPI job: customize and run

When you launch AllineaTools DDT graphical interface, and establish connection with the cluster (if using a remote GUI client), proceed with “Run”:


In the “Run (queue submission mode)” window, choose the application name, working directory, program arguments (if needed), input file (if needed), number of processors, and check the “MPI” box for your parallel job. The software will attempt to guess your MPI implementation:


Next, choose “Implementation: …” ->”Change” to open the “DDT – Options” window (or “DDT – Preferences” in Mac client). In the first menu on the left-hand side, “System”, no need to change anything if the system recognized your MPI correctly. You could override default mpirun path by checking the appropriate box and providing the full path if needed.


Proceed to the second item in the menu on the left-hand-side, “Job Submission”, and provide the submission template file (as shown), specify number of processes, and processes per node, as follows:


The template file lsf.qtf contains default queue parameters setup, which you could modify by choosing “Edit Queue Parameters”:


Then click “OK” in “Queue Parameters” window; then “OK” in “DDT – Options”.

Choose the number of processes, and click “Submit”:


Wait for the job to enter the queue and to start:


… and for all processes to connect:


The DDT initially stops after the MPI_INIT. You could browse the source files, choose the breakpoints, watchpoints, run a part of the code, examine variables, subroutines, and view input/output:

If you need the debugger to stop right after entering the program (and before reaching the MPI_INIT), set the environmental variable DDT_STOP_AT_MAIN=1.
Click the “Play” button (top left, under “File” menu) to proceed and run the application:


When the program finishes, it notifies you as following:


Choose “No” if you want to examine the output (or “Yes” to restart an application):

Consult the User’s Guide for more details on debugging:
AllineaTools (DDT + MAP) User’s Guide. Version 4.2.1-37994
User’s Guide could also be found in the AllineaTools installation directory on Pegasus2 in the following location:





Check the instructions to customize the DDT for a serial job:
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DDT for a multi-processor MPI job: customize and run

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AllineaTools (DDT + MAP) User’s Guide. Version 4.2.1-37994

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