DDT for a serial job (no MPI): customize and run

When you launch AllineaTools DDT graphical interface, and establish connection with the cluster (if using a remote GUI client), proceed with “Run”:

Allinea DDT serial Run1


In the “Run (queue submission mode)” window, choose the application name, working directory, program arguments (if needed), an input file (if needed), check “Submit to Queue” (if needed), and then click “Run” :

Allinea DDT serial Run2


After your process starts on the cluster, it stops in the beginning of the program. You could then view the source code, choose breakpoints, watchpoints, tracepoints, etc. Click on “Run”/”Play” button (top left-hand corner) to proceed:

Allinea DDT serial Run3


Use the top navigation bar to add a breakpoint:

Allinea DDT Serial Run4 add a breakpoint


Choose the options:

Allinea DDT Serial Run5 add a breakpoint


… and run it:

Allinea DDT Serial Run6


You will get notified upon reaching the breakpoint:

Allinea DDT Serial Run7 breakpoint reached


You could then examine your variables:

Allinea DDT Serial Run8 check variables


… of different types:

Allinea DDT Serial Run9 - check variables


… and more variables:

Allinea DDT Serial Run10 - check variables


… some may not be readily available:

Allinea DDT Serial Run11 - check variables


Upon finishing the program, you could resubmit it:

Allinea DDT Run12 - Resubmit

Consult the User’s Guide for more details on debugging:
User’s Guide (DDT + MAP) AllineaTools Version 4.2.1-37994
User’s Guide could also be found in the AllineaTools installation directory on Pegasus2 in the following location:





Check the instructions to customize the DDT for an MPI job:
DDT for a multi-processor MPI application: configure and run

DDT for a serial job (no MPI): customize and run

DDT – Distributed Debugging Tool

MAP – MPI Profiling

PerformanceReports – MPI profiling summary

User’s Guide (DDT + MAP) AllineaTools Version 4.2.1-37994

User’s Guide (PerformanceReports) AllineaTools Version 4.2-PR

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