Debugging and profiling with AllineaTools


Three Allinea Tools are high-profile graphical interface packages for debugging and profiling serial and parallel applications, available in Pegasus cluster environment at the CCS.

  • DDT - Distributed Debugging Tool. Optimize your workflow and visualize, debug, view the source code and output using an intuitive GUI interface and command-line options. Debug the supercomputer from your laptop with fast native clients for Mac and Windows
  • MAP - Low-overhead MPI profiling with customizable GUI view and analysis of the program performance. View the timeline of resources spent for computation, communication, or memory access, and find out the bottlenecks in the code. Use the GUI interface, or launch from command line/batch job, save the output, and analyze MAP results later.
  • PerformanceReports – A tool to deliver quick summary of the parallel application performance, which runs as a batch job. Find out total time spent in computation tasks, MPI communications, or input/output.

To load the DDT and MAP in the Pegasus environment, use the module allinea/4.2.1:

% module load allinea/4.2.1

Follow the links above for details on on how to start and configure these tools for your job, and on how to install the GUI clients for your native system (PC Windows, Mac OS/X, or Linux/Unix) for the faster communication.

To load the PerformanceReports, use the module allinea/4.2-PR:

% module unload allinea/4.2.1
% module load allinea/4.2-PR


A startup Graphical User Interface window for running DDT:

Configure Allinea Tools for use on CCS Pegasus cluster

Follow the links below for directions on how to configure and use a particular debugging or profiling tool!

DDT – Distributed Debugging Tool

MAP – MPI Profiling

PerformanceReports – MPI profiling summary

DDT for a serial job (no MPI): configure and run

DDT for a multi-processor MPI application: configure and run

MAP: configure and run

User’s Guide (DDT + MAP) AllineaTools Version 4.2.1-37994

User’s Guide (PerformanceReports) AllineaTools Version 4.2-PR

Debugging and Profiling with Allinea Tools

Tutorials by the AllineaSoftware for a wide audience on YouTube:

· Allinea DDT Tutorial – Start an MPI program
· Allinea DDT Tutorial – Work with variables
· Allinea DDT Tutorial – Visualize variables in a parallel environment
· Allinea DDT Tutorial – Enable memory debugging
· Allinea MAP Tutorial – Welcome to Allinea MAP
· General demonstration: Allinea Performance Reports

Main documentation pages:

HPC Documentation

HPC Home

Please feel free to start using the AllineaTools tools for your debugging and profiling needs, and let us know of any questions at .