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The Big Data Analytics & Data Mining group conducts research in computational data analytics in all sorts of data, including video, audio, and text, and offers expertise in data analysis for your big (or small) data projects.

  • Classification and Prediction
    Machine learning techniques can be used to build models for assigning labels to data and making predictions. CCS specializes in:

    • Support Vector Machines
    • K-Nearest Neighbors
    • Decision Trees
    • Deep Learning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    CCS can mine your data to identify significant patterns and offer statistical analysis (principal component analysis and covariance). Computation-heavy exploratory analysis methods include:

    • Association Rule Mining
    • Self-Organizing Maps
    • Hierarchical & Non-Hierarchical Clustering
  • Text Mining & Multimedia Data Analysis 
    CCS provides support for analyzing text data for linguistic characteristics, sentiment, and contents distribution, and has expertise in multimedia data content.  Topics include:

    • Author Sentiment Analysis
    • Topic Modeling
    • Spectral & Timbral Audio Analysis
    • Video Feature Extraction


Contact Us

For assistance with any services and/or resources, please email CCS-Data Mining.

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