CCS participated in “Big Data Day” in Oderzo, Italy, Friday 5/20/2016

“Big Data Day:  When Science, Society, Technology, and Business face change”  was held at Nice, S.p.a., in Oderzo, Italy, on Friday, May 20, 2016.  The event was organized by CCS’s own Lead Bioinformatics Scientist Enrico Capobianco, PhD, who also participated, giving a session on Smart Cities.

Nice S.p.a., Oderzo, Italy

The Big Data Day aims to bring the focus of large interconnected communities on ideas embracing Big Data and centered on topics such as Smart Cities, Data Analytics, Visualization, Social, Internet, etc. These are the factors paving the way for research on innovation and ‘global fluency’—the latter indicating skills and characteristics in support of effective and appropriate interactions in a variety of cultural contexts.

A major challenge is managing Big Data that pervasively appear in every domain involving human decisions and actions. In fact, the underlying generating mechanisms are simply ideas, fascinating and complex, but just ideas. And their origin can involve domains ranging from pure science or innovative technology to all types of transformative socio-economic processes.

The expected impacts from next generation data analyses and visualizations include re-organization of the territory in terms of services, re-definition of market values, emergence of new indicators to be correlated with quality of life, and consideration of social-oriented versus individual-oriented human systems dynamics.

SOURCE:  Excerpted from the program.


Nice, Oderzo, ItalyAppearing at BIG DATA DAY:


Enrico Capobianco Big Data Day at Nice S.P.A., Orderzo, Italy


Click here on on the cover for the Big Data Day Program .pdf

Big Data Day program cover May 20 2016 Oderzo Italy





Nice, Oderzo, Italy

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