2019-09-06 CCS services restored

As of 12:00 P.M. All CCS storage and systems are operational again.  Thank you for your patience.

2019-04-10 Projects filesystem expansion complete

The expansion and maintenance of the /projects2 filesystem has been completed, and all access has been restored.


2019-02-05 CG Campus network upgrades complete

CCS network upgrades have completed and access has been restored.


2018-10-13 Network maintenance complete

CCS network maintenance has completed and access has been restored.


2018-09-21 File system access restored

/scratch and /projects file system access has been restored.


Research Projects

In modern research, access to data has become far more critical than straight computing power. In years past, our greatest challenge was amassing enough computational power to run defined models and algorithms on very large data sets. With the democratization of compute power (both in local HPC clusters and Public/Private Cloud systems), compute power itself is no longer the pain point for most researchers. Instead, researchers are now faced with an even bigger challenge:  how to analyze massive data sets securely, quickly, and effectively. Advanced Computing has several systems focused on addressing these and other needs unique to the research community.


High-Performance Supercomputer

Pegasus Supercomputer

The University of Miami’s Supercomputer, Pegasus, is a 350 node Lenovo cluster
with each node having 2 Intel Sandy Bridge E5-2670 (2.6 GHz) 8C – with 32 GB 1600 MHz RAM (2GB/core) for a total of over 160 TFlops. Connected with an FDR Infiniband fabric, Pegasus was purpose built for the style of data processing performed by biomedical research and analytics.


Worldwide Advanced Data Environment

W.A.D.E. Storage Cloud

At the heart of the Advanced Computing data services is the W.A.D.E. storage cloud, which currently provides over 6 PB of active data to the University of Miami research community ranging from small spreadsheets in sports medical research to multi terabyte high resolution image files and NGS datasets.

An upgrade to the W.A.D.E. storage cloud is coming soon.


Secure Storage

Vault Secure Storage

The Vault secure storage service is designed to address the ongoing challenge of storing Limited Research Datasets. Built on enterprise quality hardware with 24×7 support, Vault provides CTSI-approved researchers access to over 150TB of usable redundant (300 TB raw) storage. All data is encrypted according to U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

Viz Lab

Interactive Visualizations

Visualization Lab

The Visualization Lab is a tool for all University of Miami students and faculty to present graphical and performance intensive 2D and 3D simulations. Built around a Cyviz 5×2 20 Mega Pixel Native display wall and Mechdyne 2×2 passive 3D display wall; the objective of the lab is to enable users on developing new, innovative ways to analyze and visualize complex data.


Secure Processing Service

SPS - Secure Processing Service

Our most secure data processing offering is SPS (Secure Processing Service). SPS is designed for secure access to extremely sensitive data sets including PHI. In addition to the security protocols used in the Vault data services, SPS requires additional administrative action for the certified placement and/or destruction of data.