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Sawsan Khuri, PhD BioinformaticsSawsan Khuri, PhD, Director of Engagement

Dr. Khuri is a graduate of the University of London, UK. Her early career was in molecular biology and biochemistry, and she gradually moved to bioinformatics with a focus on functional genomics. She is fascinated by the three-dimensionality of transcriptional regulation in terms of chromatin remodeling, and the role this plays in the time and space specificity of gene use. Dr. Khuri established CCS’s bioinformatics data analysis and collaborations infrastructure, and is now the Center’s Director of Engagement. In this role, Dr. Khuri has launched several new educational and outreach initiatives, such as a cross-disciplinary CCS Fellows Program, a series of HPC workshops, novel approaches for teaching bioinformatics, and an innovative U-Inspire undergraduate course in team science. She is the 2014 recipient of a SEEDS You Choose Leadership Award for a seminar series on Team Science, coordinated the installation of Data Hall by Patricia Van Dalen at CCS, and chaired the committee that brought the Places & Spaces Mapping Science Exhibit to UM in Fall 2014.

[tab:Selected Publications]
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