2014-15 CCS Fellows Announced

CCS Fellows Program. Join in, Make a Difference, Stand Out


CCS Fellows Program has launched its second cohort with four outstanding students from all over the University of Miami. Selected participants for the 2014-15 session are:

  • Katherine Dale, Foote Fellow, Marine Science, Biology, Computer Science.

Project: Big Data Analysis in Marine Genomics.

Mentors:  Doug Crawford, RSMAS, and Geoff Sutcliffe, Department of Computer Science.


  • Lyssa Goldberg, Foote Fellow, Journalism, Political Science, Computer Science.

Project: Media Coverage Biases in Reporting on the Isreali/Palestinian Conflict.

Mentors: Joseph Uscinski, Dept. Political Science, Mitsunori Ogihara, Dept of Computer Science and CCS, and Alberto Cairo, School of Communication and CCS.


  • Matthew Field, Cancer Biology Program, Miller School of Medicine.

Project: Retinoblastoma Genomics Analysis for Variant Discovery

Mentors: William Harbour, MD, Miller School of Medicine, and Nick Tsinoremas, CCS.


  • Chun Wu, Dept of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Miller School of Medicine. Project: Brain Insulin Regulation in Cocaine Addiction and Obesity

Mentors: Deborah Mash, PhD, Miller School of Medicine, and Stefan Wuchty, Dept of Computer Science.


Nicholas Tsinoremas, Lyssa Goldberg, Chun Wu, Katherine Dale, Sawsan Khuri, CCS Fellows 2015


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