1st place Smart Cities Miami Competition Winners Featured on Vyond

CCS is proud to announce that the winning team’s video for the inaugural Smart Cities Miami Design Your Coral Gables Competition has been featured on the Vyond animation program’s website. Kudos to “The Laboratory of Everyday Things -N.O.T.” Team!


Vyond logoAnimation isn’t just an entertaining medium—it can also be a tool for driving positive social change. A team of architects in Coral Gables, Florida, used Vyond for exactly this purpose. Their award-winning video has the potential to significantly improve life in their city.

The group of architects—known as The Laboratory of Everyday Things-N.O.T.—won first place in the Smart City Solutions Competition. Hosted by the University of Miami and the City of Coral Gables, the contest was created to help the city become more efficient and sustainable.”

For this year’s competition, entrants were asked to submit a proposal, including a five-minute video, for relieving traffic-related problems in Coral Gables. The Laboratory of Everyday Things was selected based on their proposal’s feasibility, impact, and originality, among other qualities.

Read more and see the video at Vyond.com . . .

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