VizUM 2018


VizUM 2018 | 11/15/18

VizUM 2018 has been scheduled for Thursday, November 15, 2018. The finalists’ projects from the inaugural VizUM Visualization Competition will be presented.

We are pleased to announced next year’s speakers . . .







Bongshin Lee VizUM 2018 Speaker

Bongshin Lee | Microsoft

I am a Senior Researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction and EPIC research groups at Microsoft Research. I explore innovative ways for people to create visualizations, interact with data, and share data-driven stories. I have been recently focusing on helping people explore the data about themselves and share meaningful insights with others by leveraging visualizations. I currently serve as a Papers Co-Chair for PacificVis 2018 and an Associate Editor for IEEE TVCG, and served as a General Co-Chair for IEEE PacificVis 2017 and Papers Co-Chair for IEEE InfoVis 2015 & 2016. I earned my MS and PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland at College Park in 2002 and 2006, respectively.

For more information, please visit my personal homepage.


Hadley Wickham | RStudio

Hi! I’m Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist at RStudio, and an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at the University of AucklandStanford University, and Rice University. I build tools (computational and cognitive) that make data science easier, faster, and more fun. I’m from New Zealand but I currently live in Houston, TX with my partner and two dogs.

Most of my work is in the form of open source R code, which you can find on my github. You can roughly divide my work into three categories: tools for data science, tools for data import, and software engineering tools.



More information coming soon .  .  .

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