CCS Internships Program

Integrative, Project-Focused, Hands-On

The Center for Computational Science (CCS) offers several types of internships, and is open to UM students as well as students from other institutions. UM students are offered the opportunity to become an undergraduate or graduate CCS Fellow. These fellowships are unpaid, but provide the student with direct access to CCS services and expertise.  CCS also offers voluntary internships to skilled members of the public who seek to increase their knowledge of computational science.

CCS Intern at RSMAS uses soldering toolComputational science is an interdisciplinary field. All CCS programs are integrated with one or more academic departments and areas of interest. Researchers are involved in high-level projects that have smaller component projects, spin-off projects, or exploratory projects that are focused and time limited to suit an internship. Interns would work the hours agreed with the mentor, and be responsible for their own piece of the project. CCS internships thus provide true experiential learning experiences in that they are integrative, project-focused, and hands-on.

For more information and to apply, please send an email to


UGrow — Graduate Opportunities at Work

For a number of years, professional organizations, faculty, and students have been urging universities to do more to support PhD students in the humanities and social sciences who seek career opportunities beyond the traditional search for full-time academic teaching jobs. The College of Arts & Sciences, in partnership with The Graduate School at the University of Miami, is delighted to launch UGrow.

This program will offer a group of graduate students each year the chance to pursue nine-month, part-time internships as UGrow Fellows in non-teaching units at the university in place of their regular assistantship assignments. These placements  provide training and experience in fields that appeal to future employers both inside and outside academia, including librarianship and archive management, university communications, university fundraising, data analysis and digital humanities, professional development, and graduate program administration.

On-campus partners include the University of Miami Libraries, the Graduate School, the Office of Communications of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Office of Advancement of the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Center for Computational Science.

To apply to become a UGrow Fellow for 2015-16, click here.

If you are interested in offering an internship that would be appropriate and valuable for PhD students in the humanities or social sciences, around 15 hours per week during the academic year, either on campus or off campus, please contact Tim Watson:


University of Miami Center for Computational Science U-Grown intern Brad RittenhouseCurrent U-Grow Intern

The current U-Grow intern Brad Rittenhouse, is a graduate student in the English Department currently working with Dr. Mitsunori Ogihara. The title of his project is “TMI*: Mining The Thick Literature of Nineteenth-Century America”. (*too much information)


High School Internships

CCS regularly has high school students working with us, some during the academic year and others during the summer.  They come to us from G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School, Coral Reef Senior High School, and Coral Gables Senior High School, and are involved in research and outreach projects.

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