Asiyah Yu Lin, PhD

Asiyah Yu Lin, PhD, University of Miami Center for Computational Science Drug Discovery Team member

Asiyah Yu Lin, PhD

Research Analyst | Drug Discovery



Phone: 305.243.4962
Office: Room 600, Gables One Tower


Asiyah has interdisciplinary backgrounds in the areas of pediatrics, immunology, and medical informatics. She is a MD specialized in pediatrics in China, a PhD in medical informatics in Japan, and a postdoctorial fellow in immunology-oriented informatics research in the USA. Asiyah also has multi-industry working experience: she worked as a web content manager in China, a web developer for a company in Japan, and a bioinformatics technical staff in Riken CDB in Japan. Currently, Asiyah is a postdoctoral research fellow in Oliver He’s laboratory in the University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.


Asiyah’s current research is focused on medical ontology development and ontology applications in the areas of translational and biomedical research

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