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Inaugural SMART CITIES MIAMI Conference February 23 & 24

  The University of Miami brings cutting-edge research in urban planning, architecture, and engineering—in alignment with computational resources and analytical expertise—to aid in the design and development of more sustainable, livable, and resilient cities. This conference gathers leaders in academia, professional practice, and industry to examine the Smart Cities phenomenon in relation to emerging trends and technology. The...

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CCS & School of Architecture to build smart city in Yucatán Peninsula

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture (SoA) and the Center for Computational Science (CCS) will be collaborating with IT leaders in the Yucatán to create ZenCiti, a “smart city” expected to revolutionize the IT world with its integration of technology into everyday life. In March 2016, the CCS partnered with “Heuristic,” the Yucatán State Government’s Information Technologies Innovation Center. The SoA then joined the...

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Mapping Informal Cities

Mapping Informal Cities is a collaboration with the School of Architecture. This Places & Spaces: Mapping Science project provided on-site documentation of informal settlements in 11 Southern Hemisphere cities. Mike Singer, in "Putting the World’s Informal Cities on the Map: The fastest growing cities and neighborhoods are the ones architects and planners know the least about, writes:  "Since World War II, the global population...

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