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Register Now for the 9/14-16/17 Digital Humanities + Data Journalism Symposium

Digital Humanists and Data Journalists face common challenges, opportunities, and goals, such as how to communicate effectively with the public. They use similar software tools, programming languages, and techniques, and they can learn from each other. Join us for lectures and tutorials about shared data types, visualization methods, and data communication—including text visualization, network diagrams, maps, databases, and data...

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The Washington Post quotes Alberto Cairo on the effective use of images

In the article "Some of the newest cookbooks look like comics. But does that work for readers?" that appears in The Washington Post's Food Section, July 11, 2017, author Charlotte Druckman quotes CCS Visualization Program Director Albert Cairo, PhD. The article mentions Samin Nosrat's heavily illustrated debut cookbook “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”, released in April. Tracing the history of graphic cookbooks back to the first in 1965, they...

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MICROSOFT profiles CCS Visualization Director Alberto Cairo in “Show, don’t tell”

Thomas Kohnstamm's interview is entitled "Show, don't tell: Alberto Cairo, Power BI & the rise of data journalism" (what is Power BI).  This comes on the heels of his event (the first) Digital Humanities + Data Journalism Symposium, held September 29-October 1, 2016, here at UM. Kohnstamm's article illuminates the history of Visualization as visualizations themselves help to illuminate the rise of this fascinating approach....

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CCS Participates in eMerge Americas 2016

The Center for Computational Science offered two presentations at the cutting-edge technology and innovation event eMerge Americas held on April 17-19, 2016, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  One on Visualization, and one on Digital Mapping using drones and custom software created by our Software Engineering Team. ●Crossmedia Imaging Of Latin American Informal Cities Project PRESENTERS:  Chris Mader, Director, Software...

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‘Indignant Minnesotans’ remind journalists that data can hurt

Minnesotans got a bitter lesson on the limits of data this week when the Washington Post’s Wonkblog published a map ranking every county in the US by “scenery and climate.” Reporter Christopher Ingraham built the graphic with data from the 1999 “natural amenities index,” a list based on climate, topography, and water. The North Star state didn’t fare well, with all but two of its 87 counties rating low on the list. (Red Lake County...

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