Software Engineering Services

The University of Miami Center for Computational Science Software Engineering Group (SWENG) is a small group of professional software engineers actively seeking collaborative partners for new and innovative software application and systems development projects.

Strengths include development of:  multi-tier web-based applications; search applications for large or complex data; applications for collection and presentation of geospatial data; and, image processing, photogrammetry, and computer-vision applications.

Software Engineering has developed applications to support work in clinical research, drug discovery, genomics, mapping and urban planning, observational biology/ecology, and digital humanities.  For project examples, see the Software Engineering projects page.

If you would like to contact CCS regarding a project of your own, please email us at


C computer language source code.Software Engineering Services

  • Consulting Services
    Investigation and advising on technologies available for application to specific areas of interest.
  • Systems Design Services
    Technical design of applications and architecting of systems.
  • Systems Development
    Includes the planning, creating, testing, and deploying of an information system by a group of software engineers
  • Photogrammetry/Mapping
    Procuring and analyzing images using drone technology for 3D modeling


Contact Us

To obtain a quote for Software Engineering services, please email CCS-Software Engineering.

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