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Public Science Insights: Rise of Digital Biomarkers and Role in Precision Medicine

With the rise of digital biomarkers, its role in precision medicine has become an important area of interest . . .

Smart Cities, Big Data, and Communities: Reasoning from the Viewpoint of . . .

In what sense is a city smart? There are established entities defining this rich area of cross-disciplinary studies, and they refer to social, technical, economic, and . . .

Infants Time Their Smiles to Make Their Moms Smile

The results of our analysis show that by the time infants reach 4 months of age both mothers and infants time their smiles in a purposeful, goal-oriented manner . . .

Non-coding RNAs profiling in head and neck cancers

Cancer: The role of ‘non-coding’ genes Transcriptomic profiling of head and neck tumors suggests a prominent role for non-protein-coding genes in carcinogenesis.

Launch of Data-Driven Music-Streaming Site:

CCS Postdoctoral Researcher Mohamed Sordo has launched, a powerful web application for analyzing and streaming music. Musikipedia stands at the forefront of music analysis . . .

Identification of BRAF 3’UTR Isoforms in Melanoma

BRAF protein kinase is a crucial player in melanoma, as it belongs to the highly oncogenic RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK signaling pathway . . .

UM Launches ‘MAP’ Digital Tool for Affordable Housing Needs

This project focuses on improving housing opportunities for residents of low- to moderate-income Miami neighborhoods . . .

A Rule-Based Approach to Extracting Relations from Music Tidbits

Extracted relations are evaluated intrinsically by assessing their linguistic quality, as well as extrinsically by assessing the extent to which they map an existing music knowledge base.

Mining library and university data to understand library use patterns

Library data are often hard to analyze because these data come from unconnected sources, and the data sets can be very large.

Essentiality and centrality in protein interaction networks revisited

e-MDSets may provide a new method of evaluating the core proteins of an organism.

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