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Ages 8-12
This is a wonderful website, and program, for children to learn how to think in the coding logic. The made up language, Scratch, is not an actual one, but its simplified technique means anyone could easily learn it.

A cute little website that hosts a small puzzle game that teaches children the logic of programming through a series of simple puzzles and a simple language. Great for small children.

Grok Learning
A cute, small website that only teaches Python, but does so extremely well. Though looking somewhat childish, this site has very high levels of interactivity and a good design and layout, making this a great choice for those who are of a younger or less serious demographic.

A very child-friendly website that teaches a made-up language similar to Scratch. This site, though, uses small games to teach the language, but other than that, the same comments from Scratch apply.
Ages 13-18
Khan Academy
A well-established website that balances interest with learning, as the human voice instructor really encourages going on. A very safe, if limited, option.

Ages 13-18
BASIC Programming Tutorial
A small, work-in-progress site that is absolutely wonderful for those aspiring to become game developers, but mediocre for everyone else.

A great website that teaches some of the most used languages in the field. With a high degree of interactivity and executable examples with no downloads, this is a good site for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop in useful languages.
Python, Java, C, Javascript, PHP, C#, Shell

A very valuable website with a good, somewhat interactive style and good layout. The vast amount of languages it can teach makes this a great website to only use.

Code Avengers is a highly interactive website that focuses on creating actual videogames/websites. Though the free trial is very short and restrictive, the highly interactive and helpful teaching style is very good for hands-on learners.
Javascript, HTML, CSS

This is a site that takes the quality and fun of the child-oriented Hour of Code websites and applies it for teenagers. Though all the interesting live help is locked behind large monthly sums, the free trial itself is highly useful for teaching teenagers the real methods of coding, even if it is in a made-up language.
Ages 18+
Learn Code the Hard Way
An amazing site for anyone who needs some force to push them or to whip them into action to really learn, since this website specializes in drill-sergeant dialogue and tough regimens.
Python, Ruby, C, Regex, SQL, Command Line

Multiple Groups
Ages 8 to 18
The Hour of Code
An excellent portal website for those seeking a first step, but not an actual tutorial itself.
Ages 13 to 18+

Code Academy
A clean and well-done website that creates a highly interactive, encouraging environment, though requiring account signup.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, APIs

Free Programming Resources
A jack-of-all-trades portal website that will link to many different sites for all learners for almost every programming language out there. It is not the best looking, but the wealth of knowledge it contains should not be passed up.
All (Portal)
Ages 8 to 18

Code school
A great website for those who are either complete strangers to coding, or require some entertainment with their learning, as this site has fun design and interactive, humorous teaching methods, but be warned, the pace can be slow for some.
Ruby, Javascript, HTML, iOS/Objective C, R, Git, APIs
Ages 10 to 18

CodeCombat is an amazing website where learning Javascript (soon to be more) is combined with an actual RPG video game, complete with a highly competitive multiplayer where programmers can face off in programming duels. Though unorthodox, the video game is highly effective in teaching code, and the site itself is beautiful to look at. Anyone who wishes to learn some code and is a gamer should absolutely give this site a look.
Ages 13 to 18+

A fantastic website for older students and maybe even adults to truly master a language. It is not very interactive, but it does contain many examples that can demonstrate the lesson for you.
HTML, CSS, jQuery, SQL, PHP, Javascript
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