The Pi Portal

Ages 8+
This is the main headquarters site for anyone with a Raspberry Pi. It contains almost everything that could be said about the Pi, from tutorials to projects to purchasing, and it has a little something for all ages.
Tutorials, Downloads, Resources, Projects, News


Ages 13+
A professional-looking electronics hobbyist site that, though difficult to understand at times, provides a huge amount of knowledge for both tutorials and projects for the Pi.
Tutorials, Resources, Projects

A volunteer-run site that focuses mostly on tutorials and teaching. The lessons are very quick and easy to learn, and are structured to be taken in a daily regimen, so anyone who prefers bite-sized learning will find this a good place to learn.

Raspberry Pi Guy
An amateur blogging site that, though at first look seems nothing more than a disorganized amateur mess, is wonderful for its policy of video tutorials only. This site gives a large amount of interesting projects and actual videos of how to make them, so anyone who has difficulty following text-only instructions for circuitry or programming will find this site to be one of the best, if not the best, out there.
Tutorials(videos), Projects, News

Jeremy Morgan
A professional electronics blogging website that also teaches Raspberry Pi. Though the amount of lessons are short and they are all programming/hacking based, the delivery gives learning a very simple, down-to-earth feel, a stark contrast from drab walls of text.
Tutorials, Projects

The Pi Hut
A large electronics hobbyist store that sells a huge amount of items for small-scale home robotics, like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. The lessons here are only really for product set-up, so this site is only recommended as a general electronics compliment store.
Tutorials, Resources

A well-known website that provides some very useful video tutorials for everyone who is a total beginner to using the Raspberry Pi, whether you are unfamiliar with electronics, never used Linux before, or even only considering getting a Pi.

An amateur website with the goal of educating people about the Raspberry Pi via videos. What distinguishes this website, aside from the videos, is that it contains a massive amount of them, and when you include the sister Youtube channel, it almost becomes too much to watch.
Tutorials(video), Downloads

Tree hugger
An electronics journalism website that contains some articles on the Raspberry Pi. It combines videos from many decent sources, so while it may be short, lessons here are very good.
Tutorials(video), Projects

Raspberry Pi Spy
A well-maintained website that employs the use of both traditional text/example teaching as well as videos. This site, though suffering from poor lesson organization, is most notable for how interesting some of the lessons can be; else, a decent site.
Tutorials, Resources, Projects, News

Raspberry Pi User Manual
The actual user manual for the Raspberry Pi. Contains essentially everything about the Pi; however, it is almost entirely text, with some pictures. Good for reference use or looking into a certain topic, but not something to be studied from, unless you are the sort who willingly reads through entire dictionaries.

The Fruity Computer
A Raspberry Pi community fan site that is surprisingly well-kept. Well-updated and has many other things to it besides just how-tos.
Tutorials, Downloads, Resources, Projects, News


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