Software Engineering

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering group provides expertise in the areas of systems design, development, implementation, and integration through two core teams: Software Engineering and Project Management. The Software Engineering Team provides technical expertise, and the Project Management Team provides leadership and coordination for systems projects.

The group actively seeks collaborators and funding to develop software deliverables as part of these projects.  The team’s strength are in software development for search, location based applications/mapping, image processing and management of big/complex data,   Current software development projects involve health care and clinical research, life science (molecular biology, bioinformatics, computational chemistry), observational biology,  ecology,  urban planning/resiliency/smart cities, and digital humanities.


Chris Mader with drone

In a recent collaboration with the School of Architecture on the “Crossmedia Imaging of Latin American Informal Cities” project, the Software Engineering team assisted researchers by creating a software tool that utilizes images obtained while flying drones over unmapped settlements. Formerly, the process was done with pencil and paper. The video lecture below, presented at the School of Architecture, provides details on how this information is captured today. More information about this collaboration is accessible here as it was presented at eMerge Americas 2015.





Christopher Mader, Program Director, Software Engineering Program, University of Miami Center for Computational Science

Chris Mader



Caty Chung, UM Center for Computational Science


Phone: 305.243.1649
Office: Room 600.11, Gables One Tower

Caty Chung joined the University of Miami Center for Computational Science in 2007 as the Applications Support Lead applications of the Software Engineering core. Her previous work experience includes positions at The Scripps Research Institute in Florida, Elan Pharmaceuticals (now Perrigo), and Roche, Palo Alto.

Ms. Chung has 10+ years experience in diverse chemical and biological scientific software applications, full software life cycle, database systems, content databases, instrumentation, robotics, change control management, and staff training.

Shivani Dhabe, Center for Computational Science


Office: Room 600.04, Gables One Tower

Shivani Dhabe joins the Center for Computational Science as a software engineer.  She has 6 years experience in software application design and development and is an Oracle Certified Java Professional.  Her areas of expertise include Java/J2EE based technologies.

Current interest includes exploring new technologies such as solr and MongoDB.  She received her Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Shivaji University in India.

Shivaji University, India

Amar Koleti

Phone: 305.243.1649
Office: Room 600.10, Gables One Tower

Amar Koleti joined the University of Miami Center for Computational Science in 2010 as a Software Engineer. Mr. Koleti graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Acharya Nagarjuna University in India.

Acharya Nagarjuna University, India

He later attended Indiana University for his Masters degree in Bioinformatics. Amar has extensive experience in creating semantic web applications. His primary focus is Java and Perl. He has passion for developing computational tools for bioinformaticians.

Luz Maristany Center for Computational Science

Phone: 305.243.4527
Office: Room 600D, Gables One Tower

Luz Maristany joined the University of Miami Center for Computational Science in 2008 as Biomedical Informatics Program Manager of the Software Engineering core. Mrs. Maristany has been responsible for leading the development, implementation and support of business, clinical, and research applications across the University of Miami for over 20 years.  Her interests include data mining, and the practice of knowledge discovery in databases—the process of finding interesting, interpreted, useful, and novel data to support scientific research. 


Julio Baez Perez


Phone: 305.243.6069
Office: Room 600.08, Gables One Tower
Julio Cesar Perez Baez received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989 from Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic. He joined CCS in 2014 and is part of the RegenBase Team. Julio has extensive experience in all stages of software development life cycle and project management within organizations ranging from entrepreneurial to Fortune 500, such as PepsiCo and Sony Electronics.

Deepthi Puram, UM Center for Computational Science

Phone: 305.243.8445
Office: Room 600.09, Gables One Tower

Deepthi Puram joined the University Of Miami Center for Computational Science in 2008 as Senior Software Engineer for the Software Engineering core. Ms. Puram has 6+ years of extensive experience in leading teams in design and implementation of software development projects. Her primary focus is Java and J2EE based technologies.

Her interests include design and implementation of interoperating information systems using service-oriented architectural approach, learning and experimenting with new emerging technologies.

Amin Sarafraz University of Miami Center for Computational Science

Phone: 305.243.1641
Office: Room 600.07, Gables One Tower

Dr. Amin Sarafraz joined the Software Engineering group at the University of Miami Center for Computational Science in 2012. He received his PhD in civil engineering from the University of Miami in 2012. During his graduate studies, he was part of several multi-disciplinary projects. Amin’s graduate work involved applications of computer vision in civil engineering, including underwater imaging, image enhancement in scattering media, 3D reconstruction, and non-destructive testing. While pursuing the doctoral degree, he was in charge of image analysis for autism research project in the Infant Development Lab at Florida International University. His main research interests include photogrammetry, image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition.

Chance Scott, University of Miami Center for Computational Science


Office:  Room 600.06, Gables One Tower
Phone:  305.243.4962

Working on the Pulley Ridge Project.


MASTHEAD IMAGE SOURCE:  “Make It Big and Make It Visible” used with permission from Black Pepper software

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