Social Systems Informatics Members

CCS Membership is open to University of Miami faculty with an interest in interdisciplinary research. Faculty members are invited to submit a membership application. Benefits include: Access to a community of participating scholars for collaborative interests, administrative support to help qualify for funding for innovative ideas in computational science-related research, and assistance with grant submission.



Sierra A. Bainter, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Phone: 305.284.8690
Office: Room 458 Flipse Building 35, 5665 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
Area(s) of Interest: Big Data Analytics & Data Mining Social Systems Informatics

Julia Dallman, PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Phone: 305.284.3954
Office: Room #003 Cox Science Center, 1301 Memorial Drive
Area(s) of Interest:  Social Systems-Informatics Software Engineering

Michael T. French, PhD

Professor, Health Economist, and Director | Department of Sociology

Phone: 305.284.6039
Office: Merrick Building, Room 121F
Area(s) of Interest:  Advanced Computing

Casey Klofstad, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Phone: 305.284.8861
Office: 1300 Campo Sano Avenue, Room 140-D
Area(s) of Interest:  Climate & Environmental Hazards Social Systems Informatics Visualization

Louis Herns Marcelin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Phone: 305.284.2110
Office: Department of Anthropology, Room 103G Merrick

Daniel S. Messinger

Program Director | Social Systems Informatics
Professor | Department of Psychology
Director, UM SIBSmile

Phone:  305.284.8443
Office:   5665 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Room 308

Tatiana Perrino, PsyD

Research Assistant Professor | Graduate Programs in Public Health

Phone: 305.243.5196
Office: Clinical Research Building, Room 1021

Guillermo Prado, PhD

Researcher | University of Miami Health System
Dean | Graduate School
Director | Division of Prevention Science and Community Health
Miller Professor | Department of Public Health Sciences
Professor | School of Nursing and Health Studies

Phone: 305.243.2748
Office: Center for Family Studies Building, Room 312

Nazrul I. Shaikh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering | College of Engineering

Phone: 305-284-2831
Office: 283 McArthur Engineering Building, 1251 Memorial Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Area(s) of Interest:  Big Data Analytics & Data Mining Advanced Computing Social Systems Informatics

Stefan Wuchty, PhD

Associate Professor | Department of Computer Science

Phone: 305.284.4189
Office: Room 403, Ungar Building

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