Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Research

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics research focuses on three dynamics:


overlap of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Research Areas


Integrative Life Sciences (iLife)
Technological advances require the integration of next generation methods, approaches, and paradigms. We focus on algorithm development, data fusion, networks, simulations and data visualization.

Clinical-Medical Bioinformatics (CLiMB)
Translational science leads the way to high impact exploratory applications. We enable the move from computational modeling to multiple annotations for proposing new diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive approaches.

in silico Cancer Genomics (inCaGe).
With complex diseases like cancer, multiple synergistic sources of information call for tool development to operate at the systems level. We tackle cancer and its microenvironment, and deal with biomarker discovery and target identification studies.


Expertise Areas

Expertise Areas Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Center for Computational Science, University of Miami



Research Highlights


FIU-UM Computational Biology Research Day

FIU and UM bring you Computational Biology Research Day

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BAOSearch is a web-based application for querying, viewing, browsing, and downloading small molecule biological screening results including high-throughput (HTS) data.

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3Moons: Modular, Multiscale, Oncology Networks

Cancer is a multifactorial disease with a striking heterogeneity due to genetic, epigenetic and transcriptional changes involving a myriad of genes and proteins.

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