Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Members

CCS Membership is open to University of Miami faculty with an interest in interdisciplinary research. Faculty members are invited to submit a membership application. Benefits include: Access to a community of participating scholars for collaborative interests, administrative support to help qualify for funding for innovative ideas in computational science-related research, and assistance with grant submission.


Orlando Acevedo, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Phone: 305.284.5662
Office: 1301 Memorial Drive, Suite 73

John L. Bixby, PhD

Vice Provost for Research, and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology and Neurological Surgery

Phone: 305.243.4874
Office: UM Medical Campus, Room 1205J, Dominion Tower

William E. Browne, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Phone: 305.284.3319
Office: Room 1301, Cox Science Center

Akira Chiba, PhD

Professor | Department of Biology

Phone: 305.284.3510
Office: 257A Cox Science Center
Area(s) of Interest: Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Weiyong Gu, PhD

Professor and Chair, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Phone: 305.284.6494
Office: McArthur Engineering Building, Room 206
Area(s) of Interest:  Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Ramin Moghaddas

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Phone: 350.284.9505
Office: McArthur Engineering Building, Room 279

Dilip Sarkar, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: 305.284.2256
Office: Ungar Building, Room 310H

Danuta Szczesna-Cordary, PhD

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Phone: 305.243.2908
Office: Room 6113, Rosenstiel Medical Sciences Building
Area(s) of Interest:  Visualization

Stefan Wuchty, PhD

Associate Professor | Department of Computer Science

Phone: 305.284.4189
Office: Room 403, Ungar Building

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