Resources & Services

Services typically include consulting on developing physics modules and configuring community Ocean and Atmospheric models for research applications, analysis of data from simulations, numerical methods, code development and parallel computing.

Specific areas of HPC expertise include parallel algorithm development, message passing (MPI) and shared memory (OpenMP) based parallel code implementation, performance tuning of scientific applications and debugging tools.

The program also has an extensive user education and training component with regular tutorials and workshops. Refer to the Workshop page in the  Education section for a current listing of ongoing tutorials.

Completed projects include:

  • Development of a software framework for sequential data assimilation in ocean models
  • Development of a web-service enabled parallel software package for marine population connectivity studies
  • Development of a data management and distribution system for high volume ocean prediction system data
  • High-resolution numerical ocean modeling support (configuration, running, analysis and data provision) for various research projects
  • Development of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Prince William Sound, Alaska

Contact Us

For assistance with any Services and/or Resources available through the Physical Sciences & Engineering Program, please email CCS-Physical Sciences & Engineering.

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