Past Fellows

Congratulations to our past CCS Fellows for successful completion of the program (alphabetical by last name):



Zach Brooks 2013-14 Center for Computational Science Fellow Zachary Brooks  (2013-2014)
Undergraduate CCS Fellow and FooteFellow  |  Double Major in Marine Science/Computer Science (minor in Math)

Project:  Big Data Analysis Methods in Climate Modeling

Ben Kirtman, PhD | Department of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
Eric Rozier, PhD | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Katherine Dale Katherine Dale   (2014-2015)
Foote Fellow  |  Marine Science | Biology | Computer Science

Big Data Analysis in Marine Genomics


Doug Crawford, PhD | RSMAS
Geoff Sutcliffe, PhD | Department of Computer Science

Matt Danzi University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellow 2015-16 Matt Danzi  (2015-2016)
3rd Year PhD Candidate, Lembix Lab | The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis  |  Dept. of Neurological Surgery


Project:Identifying the Regulators in RNA-Seq Data

Stephan Schuerer, PhD  |  Interim Program Director, CCS Drug Discovery Program
Stefan Wuchty, PhD  |  Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Philip Davidson University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellow 2015-16 Phillip L. Davidson  (2015-2016)
Senior, Biology Major


Project:Comparative RNA-seq Analysis during Embryogenesis” (two development stages of the ctenophore)

Gary Beecham, PhD |  Director, Division of Research Informatics in the Center for Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics, John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics
William Browne, PhD |  Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Durante CCS Fellow 2016-2017 Michael Durante  (2016-2017)


Project  Michael’s project “Epigenomic Profiling of Uveal Melanoma” will focus on utilizing next-generation sequencing techniques to understanding the epigenetic mechanisms of uveal melanoma tumorigenesis. Uveal melanoma is the most common primary adult cancer of the eye, which manifests as aggressive tumors (pictured at right). Most uveal melanoma tumors have one of three driver mutations (BAP1, SF3B1, EIF1AX), as well as distinct copy-number profiles. Michael will use techniques that look at histone modifications and chromatin accessibility to study how the driver mutations change the epigenetic landscape of uveal melanoma. The large-scale datasets that are generated with these techniques will be analyzed using the Center for Computational Science’s Pegasus supercomputer.

Michael’s CCS Fellowship will help him use advanced mathematical modeling and novel computational algorithms to analyze these next-generation sequencing datasets.


J. William Harbour, MD |  Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Stephan Schürer, PhD | CCS Drug Discovery Program


Michael Fernandez CCS Fellow 2016-2017 Michael Fernandez (2016-2017)

Project: 3D Vortex Visualization


Gecheng Zha, PhD | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mahsa Mirzargar, PhD  | Computer Science

Matthew Field Matthew Field (2014-2015)
Cancer Biology Program  |  Miller School of Medicine

Project: Retinoblastoma Genomics Analysis for Variant Discovery


William Harbour, MD | Miller School of Medicine
Nick Tsinoremas, PhD | CCS Center Director

lyssa-goldberg-center-for-computational-science-2015-ccs-fellow-250x250 Lyssa Goldberg   (2014-2015)
Foote Fellow  |  Journalism | Political Science | Computer Science 


Project: Media Coverage Biases in Reporting on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Joseph Uscinski, PhD | Dept. of Political Science
Mitsunori Ogihara, PhD | Dept. of Computer Science and CCS
Alberto Cairo | Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication and CCS Visualization Program Director

Zhi Liu 2013-14 Center for Computational Science Fellow Zhi Liu  (2013-2014)
Graduate CCS Fellow 

Project:  Gene Network Organization in Disease


Gary Beecham, PhD | Dr. John T. Foundation Dept. of Human Genetics
Xiaodong Cai, PhD | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Joseph Masterjohn 2013-14 Center for Computational Science Fellow Joseph Masterjohn  (2013-2014)
Undergraduate CCS Fellow  |  Double Major in Computer Science/ Math


Project:  Elucidating Novel Genetic Interactions in Yeast


Stefan Wuchty, PhD | Dept. of Computer Science
Gennaro D’Urso, PhD | Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Emily Prince University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellow 2015-16 Emily Prince (2015-2016)
Developmental/Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate


Project:  Measurement of Behavior During the Strange Situation


Daniel S. Messinger, PhD  |  Professor of Psychology
Juhong Park, PhD  |  Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Tatiana Schnitman University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellow 2015-16 Tatiana Espindola Schnitman(2015-2016)  aka Catalina von Wrangell
MTC Department Student  |  MM in Digital Arts and Sound Design 


Project: Com’ and shift: a sound play” an audio-visual installation created to raise awareness about the loss of musical tradition and knowledge in a cross-cultural context.


Juraj Kojs, PhD  |  Asst. Professor Prof. Practice, Dept. of Theory and Composition, Frost School of Music
Alberto Cairo  |  Knight Chair in Visual Journalism, School of Communication
Juhong Park, PhD  |  Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Anchen Sun CCS Fellow 2016-2017 Anchen Sun (2016-2017)


Project  Anchen’s project revolves around the numerical solution of the shallow-water equations on high-performance computers. He is focused on identifying the bottlenecks in the code’s performance—whether in CPU-bound or memory-bandwidth bound—and suggesting improvements.


Mohammed Iskandarani, PhD | Department of Ocean Sciences
William M. Drennan, PhD | Department of Ocean Sciences
Burton Rosenburg, PhD | Computer Science

Nicolas Velasquez CCS Fellow 2016-2017 Nicolas Velasquez (2016-2017)


Project  Evolution of the Infrastructural Power of the State:  Magdalena Medio, 1982-2002


Elvira Restrepo, PhD | Geography & Regional Studies and International Studies
Shouraseni Sen Roy, PhD | Geography & Regional Studies

Chun Wu Chun Wu   (2014-2015)
Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology  |  Miller School of Medicine


Project: Brain Insulin Regulation in Cocaine Addiction and Obesity


Deborah Mash, PhD | Miller School of Medicine
Stefan Wuchty, PhD | Dept. of Computer Science

Wei Wu 2013-14 Center for Computational Science Fellow Wei Wu  (2013-2014)
Graduate CCS Fellow 

Project:  Protein Networks Within the Wnt Signaling Pathway


Athula Wikramanayake, PhD | Department of Biology
Enrico Capobianco, PhD | CCS Senior Lead Bioinformatics Scientist


2013-14 Center for Computational Science Fellows

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