“Big Data: A New Focus in Advanced Computing” Lunch & Learn, Friday 5/27/2016

We are in the era of Big Data. Data is being generated by everything around us all the time. The extreme popularity of social media pushes the scale of data even higher in volume, speed and variety. It becomes more and more critical to develop and apply new big data technologies to collect, process, understand data in a super efficient way. New big data systems and analytic algorithms have been developed and deployed extensively in...

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CCS participated in “Big Data Day” in Oderzo, Italy, Friday 5/20/2016

"Big Data Day:  When Science, Society, Technology, and Business face change"  was held at Nice, S.p.a., in Oderzo, Italy, on Friday, May 20, 2016.  The event was organized by CCS's own Lead Bioinformatics Scientist Enrico Capobianco, PhD, who also participated, giving a session on Smart Cities. The Big Data Day aims to bring the focus of large interconnected communities on ideas embracing Big Data and centered on topics such as Smart...

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The Role of EHRs, Digital Biomarkers, and Big Data, in Prevention and Diagnosis

With the rise of digital biomarkers, its role in precision medicine has become an important area of interest, something which is destined to continue due to Electronic Health Records (EHR).   It's important to keep in mind the limitations and problems that appear on the horizon. Among these problems are geo-differentiation and ethnic balance, generation of protocols for sharing digital information, and transferability of...

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“Current Issues in Data Mining” Symposium offered insight

The "Current Issues in Data Mining" Symposium was well attended.  The cutting-edge talks well received and Dr. Srini Parthasararthy has shared his presentation (link below).   SPEAKERS Wagner Meira Jr. "Exploiting Social Networks for Disease Surveillance" Srinivasan Parthasararthy "Markov Clustering: Consolidation and Renewed Bearing" Tao Li "Log/Event Mining for Computing System Management"...

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CCS Participates in eMerge Americas 2016

The Center for Computational Science gave two presentations at the cutting-edge technology and innovation event eMerge Americas held on April 17-19, 2016, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  One on Visualization, and one on Digital Mapping using drones and custom software created by our Software Engineering Team. ●Crossmedia Imaging Of Latin American Informal Cities Project PRESENTERS:  Chris Mader, Director, Software Engineering...

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Crunching Data at CCS

Computational Science is widely recognized as a critical means to solving many of today's most challenging problems. While computer science studies the different components of computers and computer programming, computational science builds the interface of computing within the scientific discipline—the art of computers designed with enough infrastructure to support the science and advancement of science. CCS provides the cyber...

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