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Snapshots of Data Science in Action

Across the University of Miami’s three campuses, faculty and students are immersed in research aimed at providing shape and solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Helping to solve some of the riddles is the use of data science, or big batches of information that are filtered through high performance computers that aid researchers in their efforts to decipher complex formulas and create predictive applications. Here’s a...

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The Future of Data + New Supercomputer and New Data Science Degree

Data. Although it is a short word, often dismissed as numbers or statistics, it follows us everywhere today. From the steps that we take, to our traffic patterns and driving speeds, to identifying our genomic sequence and even our daily purchasing habits. And more each day, governments, schools, and businesses are seeing the benefits of this information. It helps cruise lines track which passengers are buying more sodas while they are...

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TRITON: The Next Generation of the U’s Supercomputer will Accelerate Data & Research

What if massive data sets could be accessed and analyzed in just an hour, instead of a day? It could change the field of genomics, help researchers predict impacts of climate change more expediently, and help create a safer campus with faster analysis of security videos. These are some of the possibilities that lay ahead when a new supercomputer is installed at the University of Miami in the near future. Custom-made for the University...

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On the Path to Being a Smart City: The Design Your Coral Gables Competition

The University of Miami and the City of Coral Gables are hosting a competition aimed at helping the city be smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient. The next generation of cities is here. We are living in a world where many urban areas are being transformed and using more efficient and sustainable approaches. In essence, various populated areas are turning into “smarter cities” where every aspect of the city is hyper-connected...

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2-Day Software Carpentry-Python Workshop 3/21-22/2019 Medical Campus

Register Now | Syllabus This Bash, Python, and git workshop is capped at 35 participants, and is on a first-come/first-served basis. If you are looking to make yourself competitive in the job market If you want to take a personal project to the next level If you are interested in learning programming for data analysis Then this workshop is for you. Our trained instructors will lead you through a comprehensive, hands-on overview of an...

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