2018-06-26 CCS Storage system maintenance, July 3rd – complete

7 am – 12 am Tuesday July 3rd, storage systems for the pegasus compute cluster, apollo, and visx will undergo hardware maintenance.

During this maintenance period, pegasus batch execution and login nodes will be unavailable – as will the gateway (gw.ccs.miami.edu), apollo, and visx systems.

2017-10-05 – Advanced Computing Resources

Due to financial decisions made at the Miller School of Medicine (MSOM), open access on both Pegasus and Bigfoot will no longer be available to MSOM faculty, staff, and students effective October 31, 2017. 
Read the full contents for details about how this will affect your CCS account.

CCS Data Center Migration – August 3, 2017

CCS resources will be unavailable starting August 3, 2017 at 20:00. All CCS systems and networks will be affected.
Details and updates on the CCS AC website here: http://ccs.miami.edu/ac/migration

2017-02-17 CCS Advanced Computing – Slack community

CCS Advanced Computing invites you to connect with the Advanced Computing community on Slack: http://umadvancedcomputing.slack.com
The Advanced Computing community Slack channels provide a place for user discussions, information sharing, and informal announcements about CCS resources and developments. All users with an @miami.edu or @umiami.edu email address can create a Slack account in UM Advanced Computing.

2017-01-18 CCS Portal – portal.ccs.miami.edu

CCS Advanced Computing is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Portal: https://portal.ccs.miami.edu
The new CCS Portal home page showcases up-to-date information about our clusters. Click the title for more details.

W.A.D.E. Storage Cloud

At the heart of the Advanced Computing data services is the W.A.D.E. storage cloud. Utterly transparent to users, W.A.D.E. currently provides over 7 PB of active data to the University of Miami research community with 3.5 PBs of biomedical-specific data storage ranging from small spreadsheets in sports medical research to multi-terabyte high-resolution image files and NGS datasets. By using a flexible cloud architecture, W.A.D.E. provides researchers access to their data anywhere in the world and, more importantly, enables the individual researcher to share data.

An upgrade to the W.A.D.E. storage cloud is coming soon.

The W.A.D.E. storage cloud is composed of four DDN storage clusters running the GPFS filesystem. The combination of IBM’s industrial strength filesystem and DDN’s high performance hardware gives researchers at UM the flexibility to process data on Pegasus and share that data with anyone, anywhere.

W.A.D.E. Storage Cloud diagram

W.A.D.E. (Worldwide Advanced Data Environment)

W.A.D.E. Storage Cloud diagram

By utilizing several file service gateways, researchers can share large data sets securely on campus between Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Data can also be presented outside of the University of Miami in several high-performance fashions. In addition to the common protocols of SCP and SFTP, we also provide high-speed parallel access through bbcp and Aspera. You can even share your data using standard web access (httpd) through our integrated web and cloud client service.

All access to W.A.D.E. is provided through UM’s 10 GB/sec Research Network internally and the UM Science DMZ externally. All Internet traffic flows through either the Science DMZs 10 Gb/Sec I2 link through Florida Lambda Rail or through the Research Network’s 1 Gb/sec commercial internet connect.