2018-06-26 CCS Storage system maintenance, July 3rd – complete

7 am – 12 am Tuesday July 3rd, storage systems for the pegasus compute cluster, apollo, and visx will undergo hardware maintenance.

During this maintenance period, pegasus batch execution and login nodes will be unavailable – as will the gateway (gw.ccs.miami.edu), apollo, and visx systems.

2017-10-05 – Advanced Computing Resources

Due to financial decisions made at the Miller School of Medicine (MSOM), open access on both Pegasus and Bigfoot will no longer be available to MSOM faculty, staff, and students effective October 31, 2017. 
Read the full contents for details about how this will affect your CCS account.

CCS Data Center Migration – August 3, 2017

CCS resources will be unavailable starting August 3, 2017 at 20:00. All CCS systems and networks will be affected.
Details and updates on the CCS AC website here: http://ccs.miami.edu/ac/migration

2017-02-17 CCS Advanced Computing – Slack community

CCS Advanced Computing invites you to connect with the Advanced Computing community on Slack: http://umadvancedcomputing.slack.com
The Advanced Computing community Slack channels provide a place for user discussions, information sharing, and informal announcements about CCS resources and developments. All users with an @miami.edu or @umiami.edu email address can create a Slack account in UM Advanced Computing.

2017-01-18 CCS Portal – portal.ccs.miami.edu

CCS Advanced Computing is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Portal: https://portal.ccs.miami.edu
The new CCS Portal home page showcases up-to-date information about our clusters. Click the title for more details.

Visualization Lab

The CCS Visualization Lab is a tool for all University of Miami students and faculty to present graphical and performance intensive 2D and 3D simulations. With a direct connection to all CCS resources, the Viz Lab is the perfect tool for high performance parallel visualization, data exploration, and other advanced 2D and 3D simulations. First time use of this space requires Orientation with the CCS support team. For more information about Orientation and reservations, visit Visualization Lab.

The Visualization Lab is built around a Cyviz 5x2 20 Mega Pixel Native display wall and Mechdyne 2x2 passive 3D display wall. On these impressive high resolution displays, users are able to present their work at a paramount level while analyzing details at a granular level.

The Visualization Lab sits directly on the Research Network, providing it with 10Gb/sec network access to the W.A.D.E. Storage Cloud, Pegasus Supercomputer, and all other CCS resources. It was built with the focus to interpret real-world scenarios such as computational modelling, simulation, analysis, visualization of natural and synthetic phenomena for dynamic engineering, biomedical, epidemiological, and geophysical applications.

With the 2D display wall, users are able to present their work at a paramount level while analyzing details at a granular level. The 2D display is composed of ten 55-inch thin bezel LCD Planar panels and spanning 22ft wide for an ultra-wide angle 21-megapixel display that supports a resolution of 9600x2160.

The 3D display wall supports stereoscopic 3D, for users looking to captivate audiences with something a little more eye-popping or simply looking to add depth to their work. It is composed of four 46-inch ultra-thin LCD Planar panels and supports resolutions up to 5120x2880.