The Center for Computational Science was started with the support of . . . .


University Partners

University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences

Encompassing 37 majors and 41 minors, and focused on excellence in research and teaching with a student:faculty ratio of 11:1, the College of Arts & Sciences is committed to the enduring values of an interdisciplinary liberal arts education.

2014 University of Miami College of Engineering Innovation Expo

The College of Engineering educates tomorrow’s technology leaders for career success by integrating research and education, responding to employment realities, improving the human condition, and preparing for continuous learning.

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Life Sciences & Technology Park

The vision of the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine is to develop the highest quality medical care, research and education in meaningful, sustainable ways while being culturally sensitive to our community’s needs.

University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science Assistant DSO Robbie Christian (left) and DSO Rick Gomez (right) hang out on a decompression stop in the Gulf of Mexico.

Offering two NOAA laboratories and a marine and science technology high school, RSMAS has grown into one of the world’s leading oceanographic and atmospheric research institutions.

University of Miami School of Architecture student drawing

UMSoA is a leader in training practitioners who view design as essential to all aspects of the built environment and pursue architecture as a combination of civic art and building science.



Industry Partners

DDN logo

The leader in scalable storage infrastructure for big data and cloud applications. DataDirect Networks (DDN) can help you unlock the value of your data by delivering systems with the highest performance, scalability, efficiency and simplicity. DDN can accelerate your data-intensive applications and workflow, or scale in performance and capacity for your requirements.

IBM provides proven supercomputing power. With a worldwide staff of professionals, strong investment in R&D and a massive patent portfolio, IBM is the right partner to help innovate, break through and advance scientific research. With high-performance computing solutions, IBM provides the ability to apply advanced technology to perform more calculations faster and tackle problems of greater complexity—all without the worry of overwhelming your system.

Open Eye logo, white text on royal blue background

OpenEye is an innovator in the business of designing and manufacturing digital video recorders and surveillance equipment for the security industry. Dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience through heroic customer service and support, OpenEye is known worldwide for quality products offering intuitive operation and ease of use.

Schrödinger is a scientific leader in computational chemistry, providing software solutions and services for life sciences and materials research.  Schrödinger aims to provide integrated software solutions and services that truly meet its customers’ needs. They empower researchers around the world to achieve their goals of improving human health and quality of life through advanced computational techniques that transform the way chemists design compounds and materials.  By building and deploying breakthrough scientific software solutions and forming collaborations and partnerships, they help scientists accelerate their research and development activities, reduce costs, and make novel discoveries that might otherwise not be possible.

Since 1998, Software Carpentry has been teaching researchers in science, engineering, medicine, and related disciplines the computing skills they need to get more done in less time, and with less pain. Software Carpentry is a member organization of NumFOCUS and is a §501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Their long-term goal is to ensure that every researcher learns the skills Software Carpentry teaches early in their career, whether through their organization, or because what they teach has become part of the standard curriculum for that researcher’s discipline.

The Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) is a consortium of over sixty universities across the US. SURA seeks to foster collaboration among its member institutions in science and engineering and to encourage new ideas for SURA collaborative programs that meet SURA criteria for support. SURA members share a common interest in exploring and developing ways to advance science and to strengthen their institutions and organizations through collaborative efforts. SURA seeks as new members institutions and organizations that share these interests. The University of Miami is a member of SURA.

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