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Adib Cure and Carie PenabadFeatured CCS Members

Adib Cúre and Carie Penabad

Founding principals of the architectural firm of Cúre & Penabad, UM School of Architecture Faculty, and CCS Members Adib Cúre and Carie Penabad are UM and Harvard alums, who chose Miami to establish their practice. Originally from Colombia and Cuba, respectively, Adid and Carie have been mapping “informal cities” and settlements around the world. Starting in Mumbai, India, they have mapped settlements in Cape Town, Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Havana. Currently focusing on communities of South and Central America, the hope to establish the School of Architecture as the central repository of data on informal cities throughout Latin America. (All their information is shared with the local community they’ve mapped.)

In collaboration with the School of Architecture, CCS’s Software Engineering Team has developed software to facilitate the use of camera drones and extend the constraints of traditional hand-drawn maps. The collaboration has been extremely beneficial in providing more accurate and detailed mapping. The data gathered helps determine solutions for the myriad issues facing these communities. Read more . . .


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CCS Members

Sierra A. Bainter, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Phone: 305.284.8690
Office: Room 458 Flipse Building 35, 5665 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
Area(s) of Interest: Big Data Analytics & Data Mining Social Systems Informatics

John L. Bixby, PhD

Vice Provost for Research, and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology and Neurological Surgery

Phone: 305.243.4874
Office: UM Medical Campus, Room 1205J, Dominion Tower
Area(s) of Interest: Advanced Computing Big Data Analytics & Data Mining Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Drug Discovery Software Engineering

William E. Browne, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Phone: 305.284.3319
Office: Room 1301, Cox Science Center
Area(s) of Interest: Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Xiaodong Cai, PhD

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Phone: 305.284.5329
Office: Room 513, McArthur Engineering Building

Travis Craddock, PhD

Associate Director, Clinical Systems Biology Group, Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine | Nova Southeastern University

Phone: 954-262-2868
Office: Room 442, Center for Collaborative Research, NSU Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine

Adib Cure

Assistant Professor in Practice | School of Architecture
Co-Founder | CURE & PENABAD Architecture and Urban Design firm

Phone: 305.284.2306
Office: Room 340A, LaGorce Building 35, School of Architecture
Area(s) of Interest:  Smart Cities Software Engineering

Marco Dominietto, PhD

Medical Physicist, Biomaterials Science Center | University of Basel

Phone: +
Office: BMC – Biomaterials Science Center, University of Basel, Gewerbestrasse 14, 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland

Michael T. French, PhD

Professor, Health Economist, and Director | Department of Sociology

Phone: 305.284.6039
Office: Merrick Building, Room 121F
Area(s) of Interest:  Advanced Computing

Weiyong Gu, PhD

Professor and Chair, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Phone: 305.284.6494
Office: McArthur Engineering Building, Room 206
Area(s) of Interest:  Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Manuel Huerta, PhD

Professor, Department of Physics

Phone: 305.284.7117
Office: James L. Knight Physics Building, Room 324
Area(s) of Interest:  Climate & Environmental Hazards

Joseph Johnson, PhD

Associate Professor, Marketing, School of Business Administration

Phone: 305.284.1379
Office: Kosar Epstein 508, School of Business Administration

Casey Klofstad, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Phone: 305.284.8861
Office: 1300 Campo Sano Avenue, Room 140-D
Area(s) of Interest:  Climate & Environmental Hazards Social Systems Informatics Visualization

Juraj Kojs, PhD

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Theory, and Composition

Phone: 305.284.6584
Office: Frost School of Music, PLF S-313 (5503 San Amaro Drive)

Brian Mapes, PhD

Professor | Department of Atmospheric Sciences, RSMAS

Phone: 305.421.4275
Office: Marine Science Center, Room 366
Area(s) of Interest:  Climate & Environmental Hazards

Louis Herns Marcelin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Phone: 305.284.2110
Office: Department of Anthropology, Room 103G Merrick

Sharanya Majumdar, PhD

Graduate Program Director | Department of Atmospheric Sciences, RSMAS

Phone: 305.421.4779
Office: Marine Science Center, Room 326
Area(s) of Interest:  Climate & Environmental Hazards

Karen Rose Mathews, PhD

Assistant Professor | Department of Art & Art History

Phone: 305.284.4246
Office: Room 301D, Merrick Building
Area(s) of Interest: Smart Cities Software Engineering

Daniel S. Messinger

Program Director | Social Systems Informatics
Professor | Department of Psychology
Director, UM SIBSmile

Phone:  305.284.8443
Office:   5665 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Room 308

Ramin Moghaddas

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Phone: 305.284.9505
Office: McArthur Engineering Building, Room 279

Ju Hong Park, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Phone: 305.284.5087
Office: 1223 Dickinson Drive

Tatiana Perrino, PsyD

Research Assistant Professor | Graduate Programs in Public Health

Phone: 305.243.5196
Office: Clinical Research Building, Room 1021

Guillermo Prado, PhD

Researcher | University of Miami Health System
Dean | Graduate School
Director | Division of Prevention Science and Community Health
Miller Professor | Department of Public Health Sciences
Professor | School of Nursing and Health Studies

Phone: 305.243.2748
Office: Center for Family Studies Building, Room 312

Brad Price, PhD

former UM Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Master's of Science in Business Analytics and in Management Science

Phone: 305.284.9562
Office: Room 404, Kosar Epstein

Burton Rosenberg, PhD

Associate Professor & Director of Technology | Computer Science

Phone: 305.284.2141
Office: Ungar Building, Room 330P
Area(s) of Interest:  Visualization

Shouraseni Sen Roy, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: 305.284.4820
Office: 1320 Campo Sano, Room 115-K
Area(s) of Interest:  Climate & Environmental Hazards Visualization

Dilip Sarkar, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: 305.284.2256
Office: Ungar Building, Room 310H

Nazrul I. Shaikh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering | College of Engineering

Phone: 305-284-2831
Office: 283 McArthur Engineering Building, 1251 Memorial Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Area(s) of Interest:  Big Data Analytics & Data Mining Advanced Computing Social Systems Informatics

Mei-Ling Shyu, PhD

Professor and Associate Chair | Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Phone: 305.284.5566
Office: Room 515, McArthur Engineering Building

Chaoming Song, PhD

Assistant Professor | Department of Physics

Phone: 305.284.7119
Office: Room 305, McKnight Building

Danuta Szczesna-Cordary, PhD

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Phone: 305.243.2908
Office: Room 6113, Rosenstiel Medical Sciences Building
Area(s) of Interest:  Visualization

Stefan Wuchty, PhD

Associate Professor | Department of Computer Science

Phone: 305.284.4189
Office: Room 403, Ungar Building

Wangda Zuo, PhD

Assistant Professor | Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering

Phone: 305.284.5993
Office: McArthur Engineering Building, Room 320
Area(s) of Interest:  Advanced Computing, Smart Cities

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