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Guillermo “Willy” Prado, PhD

Hilda Pantin and Guillermo Prado UM Center fro Computational Science MembersDr. Willy Prado is committed to making South Florida a better place to live. As director of the Division of Prevention Science and Community Health at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Prado has pioneered programs that reduce drug abuse and other health problems among Hispanic youths by strengthening their families. Nationally known for his research, which has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Prado is a member of the National Hispanic Science Network’s Steering Committee.  The Familias Unidas (United Families) intervention program he developed with fellow CCS Member Dr. Hilda Pantin, Executive vice chair of Public Health Sciences, has been so effective in preventing or reducing substance use and other risky behaviors among Hispanic youth, it has been expanded to tackle obesity. Familias Unidas also has drawn international interest, including the recent formation of a collaborative program with Ecuador.  Read the full eVeritas article.

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CCS Members

William E. Browne, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Phone: 305.284.3319
Office: Room 1301, Cox Science Center

Orlando Acevedo, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Phone: 305.284.5662
Office: 1301 Memorial Drive, Suite 73

Akira Chiba, PhD

Professor | Department of Biology

Phone: 305.284.3510
Office: 257A Cox Science Center

Weiyong Gu, PhD

Professor and Chair, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Phone: 305.284.6494
Office: McArthur Engineering Building, Room 206

Manuel Huerta, PhD

Professor, Department of Physics

Phone: 305.284.7117
Office: James L. Knight Physics Building, Room 324

Joseph Johnson

Associate Professor | Marketing

Phone: 305.284.1379
Office: Kosar Epstein 501

Brian Mapes, PhD

Professor | Department of Atmospheric Sciences, RSMAS

Phone: 305.421.4275
Office: Marine Science Center, Room 366

Tatiana Perrino, PsyD

Research Assistant Professor | Graduate Programs in Public Health

Phone: 305.243.5196
Office: Clinical Research Building, Room 1021

Guillermo Prado, PhD

Researcher | University of Miami Health System
Director | Division of Prevention Science and Community Health
Miller Professor | Department of Public Health Sciences
Professor | School of Nursing and Health Studies

Phone: 305.243.2748
Office: Center for Family Studies Building, Room 312

Dilip Sarkar, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: 305.284.2256
Office: Ungar Building, Room 310H

Mei-Ling Shyu, PhD

Professor and Associate Chair | Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Phone: 305.284.5566
Office: Room 515, McArthur Engineering Building

Jizhou Song, PhD

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Phone: 305.284.4097
Office: 1251 Memorial Drive, Room 205

Danuta Szczesna-Cordary, PhD

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Phone: 305.243.2908
Office: Room 6113, Rosenstiel Medical Sciences Building

Stefan Wuchty, PhD

Associate Professor | Department of Computer Science

Phone: 305.284.4189
Office: Room 403, Ungar Building

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