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The CCS Software Engineering group is a team of professional software engineers who work together using established software engineering practices, including following accepted and documented coding standards and conducting code reviews.

Technologies include primarily Java, but also C++ and PHP expertise, Oracle/MySQL/PostgreSQL relational DBs, OWL/Jena – Semantic Web App development, JavaScript – AJAX-enabled UI development, Lucene – Text, search/mining, and Mule/Mirth for message-based systems

Software Engineering Services Center

Consulting Services
Investigating and advising collaborators regarding technologies available for application to their specific areas of interest

Systems Design Services
Technical design of applications and architecting of systems.

Systems Development
Software development done by a team of engineers on a project basis.

URIDE Maintenance
Maintenance for an established URIDE data service.  (URIDE data services provide secure, real-time transmittal of data from source systems to research databases.)

Contact Us
To obtain a quote for Software Engineering services, please email CCS-Software Engineering.