Executive Committee

The CCS Executive Committee is an advisory board whose purpose is to assist the CCS Director in the management, operations, and governance of the CCS, including project prioritization and allocation of Center resources. The Executive Committee also reviews and approves application for Center appointments. We are currently in search of Program Directors for the Visualization and Computational Chemistry Programs.

C. Hendricks Brown, PhD

Alberto Cairo

Benjamin Kirtman, PhD

Vance Lemmon, PhD

Christopher Mader

Mitsunori Ogihara, PhD

Kamal Premaratne, PhD

Nicholas Tsinoremas, PhD

GeCheng Zha, PhD

Joel Zysman

Senior Scientific Leadership

Senior Scientists are responsible for the day to day operations and management of resources in their respective areas.

Enrico Capobianco, PhD
Stephan Schuerer

Stephan C Schürer, PhD

Advisory Committee

The CCS Advisory Committee is an advisory group that evaluates the Center’s scientific progress, technological needs and assists the CCS Director in developing strategic plans for the future of the CCS.

Dr. Thomas LeBlanc
Executive Vice President & Provost

Nicholas Tsinoremas, PhD
Founding Director

Additional members will be appointed to this committee.

Allocation Committee

The Ares Allocation Committee is charged with advising the Director of CCS in allocating resources on the IBM-p5 cluster. As part of that process, the committee is developing procedures for documenting how the system is currently being utilized, and whether this is the most effective use of the resource. As use of this new system matures and demand increases, the Allocation Committee will implement a request and review process for access to the system. This request and review process is currently underdevelopment and will shared with all users for comment and feedback. The committee will also help CCS document for the wider University of Miami community how the resources are enabling scientific advancements.

Current Committee Members

Dr. Jerry Ault
Dr. Mohamed Iskandarani
Dr. Ben Kirtman
Dr. Antonio Nanni
Dr. David Nolan
Dr. GeCheng Zha
Dr. Gary Beecham
Dr. Eden Martin