CCS Internship Program

Integrative, Project-Focused, Hands-On

The Center for Computational Science (CCS) offers several types of internships, and is open to UM students and students from other institutions. The Center also offers voluntary internships to skilled members of the public who are seeking to increase their knowledge of computational science.

For UM students, we offer the opportunity to become a CCS Undergraduate Fellow or CCS Graduate Fellow. These fellowships are unpaid, but provide the student with direct access to our services and expertise.

Computational science is an interdisciplinary field. All our programs are integrated with one or more academic departments and areas of interest. Our researchers are involved in high level projects that have smaller component projects, spin-off projects, or exploratory projects that are focused and time limited to suit an internship. Interns would work the hours agreed with the mentor, and be responsible for their own piece of the project. CCS internships thus provide true experiential learning experiences in that they are integrative, project-focused, and hands-on.

For more information and to apply, please send an email to